Monday, May 19, 2014

Checking Saddle Fit - A Basic Introduction

Founder of Freedom Fittings in Michigan and an experienced Saddle Fitter, Pam Omer expertly measures, analyzes, flocks, and chooses saddles that will provide the best possible balance and comfort for both horses and riders. As an experienced Saddle Fitter who recognizes that proper fit can reduce pain in horses, Pam Omer strives to educate riders about the importance and the basics of proper fit.

Even though there is no substitute for getting a professional’s help in determining the correct fit of a saddle, there are a few basic things that riders can check to ensure their horse is not uncomfortable. When checking for proper fit, is it often suggested to first place the saddle on the horse without having it girthed up and without any pads. Once the saddle is placed, there should be around three inches of space from underneath the front of the saddle to the top of the horse’s withers. This space can also be checked while riders are seated on the horse to ensure that it remains there during riding.

When checking for proper fit, it is also important to ensure even pressure along the back. By running a hand from the front to the back, riders can feel the weight of the saddle and ensure that it is evenly distributed, without any gaps or areas of increased pressure. Riders may also want to check for a level seat. Having even a slight tilt toward the front or back can mean that the seat is sitting to high or low and is causing discomfort.

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